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Requirement 3: are exactly three letters long.

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Create regular expressions to find all words that fulfull the following requirements. Requirement 2: that only contain consonants. Hint: thinking about matching "not"-vowels. We change match to FALSE in order to show words that does not contains vowels, which fulfulls the requirement. Write a regular expression that matches a word if it's probably written in British English, not American English.

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According to this reference , there are spelling differences in British English and American English. For example, in American English, "u" is dropped in some words end with "our" which means only "or" is kept, e. We can create a regex and use some examples to show it. Create a regular expression that will match telephone numbers as commonly written in your country. Therefore we can use the following regex to detect it. Describe the equivalents of? Describe in words what these regular expressions match: read carefully to see if I'm using a regular expression or a string that defines a regular expression.

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Create regular expressions to find all words that fulfill the following requirements. Solve the beginner regexp crosswords here. Construct regular expressions to match words that fullfill the following requirements. Requirement 2: contain a repeated pair of letters e. Requirement 3: contain one letter repeated in at least three places e. It is not possible to find a single regex to solve this question. Scorn - Doors 2xlp: Plan B , Hymen 7.

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