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  • ‘Satori’ IoT Botnet Operator Pleads Guilty — Krebs on Security.

Shop Sneakers. Women Clothing Lingerie. Bras N Things. And those liberties end as soon as you start affecting other people against their will. There are things, the commons, in society that everyone must share. This is why I call you anti-science.

Vamp Records

Because of your refusal to pick up a book or listen to a scientist. You have no idea the research that people do which convinces them not to vaccinate. Have you read up on vaccine-related injuries? Heck, or even the side effects of vaccines? The side effects, in most cases, outweigh what the vaccine is trying to prevent.

I personally know a couple that have a 3-yr old who has a seizure disorder that is confirmed to be from the MMR vaccine. Typical left-wing, hypocritical thinking. Have a great day, Joe. And not understanding the difference, is anti-science. If you think that Googling is real science, then that is the root of the problem. Unless you actually get a degree in medicine or work in an actual lab… it is highly unlikely you are actually doing scientific research.

I am sure that parents do beleive they are protecting their kids. Real science is not intuitive to the layperson. This is why doctors garner such trust, because they have the education that cannot be replaced by a few hours Googling and watching Youtube. If an actual doctor confirms that a specific vaccine is a problem for a specific child… that is VERY different.

In fact, that is one of the reasons why herd immunity is so important, because some small minority of kids cannot be vaccinated. Wow… your hatred of liberals causes even more ignorance. Look at the trends of parents refusing vaccines… mostly hippie, homeopathic liberals.

Going back to my original point. Bigots tend to be very anti-science, across different issues. And you are reinforcing my point. We are all entitled to our own opinion, but not our own facts. And the only factual opinion that matters in fields of science whether concerning vaccines, climate or brain disorders … is a scientist. Facing away from the camera. In reply to sunshine. A lack of morals, means, sometimes you throw something under the bus. Just for the fun of it.

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And fun varies for everyone. And, an interesting point here, the minor was leading with the reprogramming of the attack vector, sounds as if he may get the job. Or the offer of one. He also demonstrated willful misconduct even after being indicted. I know you usually call for a little hand holding and coaching for these punks. But put a few in a car crusher and stream it live, and they will be less of these scum pushing buttons of other people.

I find it hard to believe anyone complained about port scanning since it is not illegal. I block the hosting company when I get scanned, but that is totally whack a mole. Hitler killed millions. But…but…he had ailment X and disease Y. I need to verify a couple of things 1st but it maybe vamp that is someone who enjoys playing an evil god??

His biggest crime is that haircut. Is that just a weird giant forward-facing poof? Or the front part of a fro-ey Mohawk? Thanks for sharing such quality information. Powered by WordPress. Privacy Policy. Subscribe to RSS. Follow me on Twitter.

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Join me on Facebook. Krebs on Security In-depth security news and investigation. The Sunshine State. September 4, at am.

Queen of the Damned: Behind the Music

September 4, at pm. Ha ha. Watch gangster movies much? Cyber Expert. I suspect that is a bot practicing being human. Jon Marcus. September 5, at am. Murder is legal in red states, right? Plus, that hair.

Cullen Scales

Please stop posting about something you obviously know nothing about. Until you sit down and talk with them. September 6, at am. And again in What is the real definition? And what is the APA? September 10, at am. Talk to an actual scientist sometime, instead of Alex Jones types. Leftist Logic. September 9, at am. September 10, at pm.

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Ahhh, does this boy know he has a muskrat on his head…. Dave Horsfall. Brian: Off-topic ….