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‘For Greater Glory’ Traces Mexico’s Cristero War

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Most deliveries Excluding holidays will be delivered before 5 PM. In some cases this time increases to 7 PM. Timed delivery requests are only available for funeral services and weddings. Bruce Greenwood plays Dwight Morrow, the United States ambassador to Mexico, dispatched from Washington to protect American oil interests while brokering a peace.

But the diplomacy is just a footnote to the struggle for religious freedom. Early scenes show soldiers on horseback breaking into churches, killing priests and destroying church property. Dead bodies are strung up along railroad tracks.

View all New York Times newsletters. Gorostieta, a nonbeliever who champions religious freedom, is running a soap factory when the invitation comes. For a hefty fee, he agrees to develop a strategy based on carefully planned ambushes. This beautiful, fearless young warrior, who refuses to renounce his faith while under torture, is forced to walk barefoot with slashed feet to his own execution.

Garcia, who sheds copious tears over the boy, is a solid and convincing hero humanized by the attachment.

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The movie also portrays Gorostieta as edging toward Catholic conversion without actually making the commitment. The jamming together of so much history and melodrama makes for a handsome movie that is only rarely gripping. Violent battle scenes. It confirmed the separation of church and state first decreed in the constitution, returned subsoil rights to the government from ownership and control by foreign corporations, established the basis for secular education, and provided for land reforms. Five articles restricted the power and liberty of the Catholic church.

For Greater Glory: The True Story of Cristiada () - IMDb

Although this tragic conflict may be unknown by this name to many in the United States, many Catholics do know the story of Jesuit Fr. The church canonized Pro in Calles ordered that the photographs of his killing were to be spread far and wide to discourage the Cristeros ; it had the opposite effect. This was true in Mexico in and reiterated in But when Calles, a fierce anti-Catholic, became president, he was determined to enforce the law uniformly throughout the land and added specific penalties to infractions.

Catholic organizations began to resist.

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On July 26, , the Mexican episcopate suspended worship and Catholic organizations began a boycott. Federal troops began attacking churches, killing armed laypeople as well as priests. Uprisings began in earnest and this disorganized conflict was the beginning of the Cristero War. A film about this era has dominated the Mexican box office since it opened April 20, and that film, which is in English, opens in the United States June 1.

In many respects the film accurately depicts elements of the Cristero War and key personalities who played a part in it, but questions remain that may send thoughtful viewers straight to the Internet or library. Support independent Catholic news: Subscribe or donate today. The film opens by introducing us to retired Gen.

The Greater Glory of Zerubbabel's Temple

Enrique Gorostieta Andy Garcia , a religious skeptic. He loves his wife and humors her. Gorostieta owns a soap manufacturing company and he is growing bored. The Cristeros recruit him to organize their revolt against the government. Next we are introduced to the key characters. Dwight Morrow Bruce Greenwood is the U. Calles is antichurch, calculating, cruel and calm.