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Second-order is the default for most cases. Internal extrusion and mesh multiplication on parallel level. Internal mesh extrusion operation. Built-in mesh adaptive-refinement: h-refinement Only h h, p, and hp for CG and DG h-refinement for selected equations h, p, mached hp, singular hp h, p, mached hp, singular hp Only h generate new mesh with variable density, no? Almost ideal for parameter sweep? For large scale simulations Comsol 4. Lagrange elements of any order, continuous and discontinuous; Nedelec and Raviart-Thomas elements of any order; BDM and Bernstein; elements composed of other elements.

Gauss-Legendre 1D and tensor product rules in 2D and 3D tabulated up to 44th-order to high precision, best available rules for triangles and tetrahedra to very high order, best available monomial rules for quadrilaterals and hexahedra. Explicit methods: forward Euler, 3rd and 4th order Runge-Kutta.

Practical application of the stochastic finite element method

Yes implicit-euler explicit-euler crank-nicolson bdf2 explicit-midpoint dirk explicit-tvd-rk-2 newmark-beta BE, CN, and Fractional-Step-Theta schemes? Predifined equations: Yes mechanics, thermics, acoustics Laplace?

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Possibility to perform complex slices. ExodusII, Xdr, etc. Support for TAO- and nlopt-based constrained optimization solvers incorporating gradient and Hessian information. Retrieved Categories : Scientific simulation software Engineering software companies Finite element software Numerical analysis.

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Stochastic Finite Elements: A Spectral Approach

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Multiplatform open source application for the solution of physical problems based on the Hermes library. Linux , Windows. Proprietary commercial software.

Stochastic Finite Elements: A Spectral Approach (Computer Science Workbench)

General purpose finite element package utilised by civil, structural and geotechnical engineers. Windows , Linux. Software package developed by American and European researchers with the goal to enable automated solution of differential equations. Proprietary EULA. Free for personal use [2]. FreeFEM [3]. GOMA is an open-source, parallel, and scalable multiphysics software package for modeling and simulation of real-life physical processes, with a basis in computational fluid dynamics for problems with evolving geometry.

GPL Version 2. Mathematica [6]. Unix , Mac OS X. Idaho National Laboratory. In this paper, the implementation of harvesting energy from two technologies to form a hybrid energy harvester system was analyzed.

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These two technologies involve the piezoelectric harvesting energy and the electromagnetic harvesting energy. A finite element model was developed using the Ansys software with the harmonic analysis solver to analyze and examine hybrid harvesting energy system. Both power output generated from the magnet and the piezoelectric is then combined to form one unit of energy. Further, it was found that the result shows the system generate the maximum power output of Hybrid finite element method for describing the electrical response of biological cells to applied fields.

A novel hybrid finite element method FEM for modeling the response of passive and active biological membranes to external stimuli is presented.

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The method is based on the differential equations that describe the conservation of electric flux and membrane currents. By introducing the electric flux through the cell membrane as an additional variable, the algorithm decouples the linear partial differential equation part from the nonlinear ordinary differential equation part that defines the membrane dynamics of interest. This conveniently results in two subproblems: a linear interface problem and a nonlinear initial value problem.

The linear interface problem is solved with a hybrid FEM. The initial value problem is integrated by a standard ordinary differential equation solver such as the Euler and Runge-Kutta methods. During time integration, these two subproblems are solved alternatively. The algorithm can be used to model the interaction of stimuli with multiple cells of almost arbitrary geometries and complex ion-channel gating at the plasma membrane. Numerical experiments are presented demonstrating the uses of the method for modeling field stimulation and action potential propagation.

This kind of geometries requires discretization with millions of elements ; this is equivalent to solve systems of equations with sparse matrices and tens or hundreds of millions of variables. The aim is to use computer clusters to solve these systems. The solution method used is Schur substructuration. Using it is possible to divide a large system of equations into many small ones to solve them more efficiently. This method allows parallelization. MPI Message Passing Interface is used to distribute the systems of equations to solve each one in a computer of a cluster. Each system of equations is solved using a solver implemented to use OpenMP as a local parallelization method.

The Finite Element Method FEM is used to solve problems like solid deformation and heat diffusion in domains with complex geometries. A hybrid finite element - statistical energy analysis approach to robust sound transmission modeling.

Fatigue Analysis for Traction Transformers during Random Vibration

When considering the sound transmission through a wall in between two rooms, in an important part of the audio frequency range, the local response of the rooms is highly sensitive to uncertainty in spatial variations in geometry, material properties and boundary conditions, which have a wave scattering effect, while the local response of the wall is rather insensitive to such uncertainty. For this mid-frequency range, a computationally efficient modeling strategy is adopted that accounts for this uncertainty.

The partitioning wall is modeled deterministically, e. The rooms are modeled in a very efficient, nonparametric stochastic way, as in statistical energy analysis. All components are coupled by means of a rigorous power balance.

libMesh - A C++ Finite Element Library

This hybrid strategy is extended so that the mean and variance of the sound transmission loss can be computed as well as the transition frequency that loosely marks the boundary between low- and high-frequency behavior of a vibro-acoustic component. The method is first validated in a simulation study, and then applied for predicting the airborne sound insulation of a series of partition walls of increasing complexity: a thin plastic plate, a wall consisting of gypsum blocks, a thicker masonry wall and a double glazing.

It is found that the uncertainty caused by random scattering is important except at very high frequencies, where the modal overlap of the rooms is very high. The results are compared with laboratory measurements, and both are found to agree within the prediction uncertainty in the considered frequency range. Basic Finite Element Method. This book gives descriptions of basic finite element method, which includes basic finite element method and data, black box, writing of data, definition of VECTOR, definition of matrix, matrix and multiplication of matrix, addition of matrix, and unit matrix, conception of hardness matrix like spring power and displacement, governed equation of an elastic body, finite element method, Fortran method and programming such as composition of computer, order of programming and data card and Fortran card, finite element program and application of nonelastic problem.

Mixed hybrid finite elements and streamline computation for the potential flow problem. Such an accurate approximation can be determined by the mixed finite element method.

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Finite element time domain modeling of controlled-Source electromagnetic data with a hybrid boundary condition.