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July 23, - Published on Amazon. One of my regular golfing partners bought me this book after he'd read it, and he couldn't have gotten me a better book about the grand old game. I'm in the middle of watching Tiger and the other elite golfers do their thing at the British Open right now and laughing loudly at all of the hilarious observations in I. Schecter's book about, um, we other golfers, the kind who usually don't have a prayer of breaking , never mind resembling anything like the guys who do it for a living.

Most golf writers are all about curing your slice and how to make the long putts and that sort of thing. Schecter gets the most important fact, that if you can't laugh at golf, and how you play it, you might as well not.

I. J. Schecter

This guy is a really, really funny writer who isn't afraid to laugh at himself, and therefore allows the reader to laugh at himself along with him. If I had the bucks I'd buy a copy of this for every single golfer I know. July 24, - Published on Amazon. I love golf as much as I hate it, and I. Schecter understands how I and most other golfers feel.

Slices: Observations from the Wrong Side of the Fairway

The great thing about this book is that he writes it for the majority of golfers instead of the few at the top. It's about the challenges we all face when trying to feather a chip, or hit a downhill putt, or just keep our damn drives straight some of the time. And he describes this stuff in extremely funny ways that are so original.

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  4. You feel like you're on the course with him as you read the different stories -- half the time laughing out loud. I don't know if I was laughing at his experiences or because they make me think of my own, but the point is I was laughing, and smiling, and enjoying myself.

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    What a great book to have. It reminds you that most golfers are in the same boat together, and it gives you lots of great laughs at the same time.

    March 12, - Published on Amazon. I just finished reading the book and what a "Hole in One". As a golfer and a huge fan of the game, you can certainly relate to the many stories. The book provides many laughs and moments of "he just described my game or an experience I had".

    I loved the Uncle Hugh story or how swing thoughts mess with your head. There's so many others that I could talk about, but wouldn't want to give the whole book away.

    WD Consultants Center: I.J. Schecter – Writers Digest Shop

    I must say IJ, you're a heck of a writer with a great sense of humor. What a terrific book. It takes an average golfer -- and a talented writer -- to pen stories like this. They're as heartfelt as they are hilarious, and the best part about them is that I was constantly nodding along while laughing my face off.

    The Most Common Reason Golfers Slice the Golf Ball