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One tradition maintains that Odin did not travel further up than an ox wears his yoke, so if Odin was hunting, it was safest to throw oneself onto the ground in order to avoid being hit, a pourquoi story that evolved as an explanation for the popular belief that persons lying at ground level are safer from lightning strikes than are persons who are standing. The reason was that if one met the rider with the broad-rimmed hat, one should throw the piece of steel in front of oneself, but if one met his dogs first, one should throw the pieces of bread instead.

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The subject of Stan Jones ' American country song " Ghost Riders in the Sky " of , which tells of cowboys chasing the Devil 's cattle through the night sky, resembles the European myth. In The Wild Hunt the hero receives an invitation from British noblemen to partake in a giant hunting, "The Wild Hunt", which they call after the legend of " Herne , god of the Hunt". It takes the legend a bit further, claiming that the Wild Hunt erases people from existence, and those taken by the Wild Hunt become members after they are erased and forgotten.

In The Elder Scrolls series of role-playing video games , the Wild Hunt is a ritual performed by the Bosmer wood elves for war, vengeance, or other times of desperation.

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The elves are transformed into a horde of horrific creatures that kill all in their path. It is also a major plot point in Peter S. Beagle 's Tamsin. The Wild Hunt is a primary element of R.

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Belcher's novel The Brotherhood of the Wheel. The Wild Hunt has been depicted on two different cards in Magic: the Gathering. Various practitioners of the contemporary Pagan religion of Wicca have drawn upon folklore involving the Wild Hunt to inspire their own rites. In their context, the leader of the Wild Hunt is the goddess Hecate. If completed successfully, it was held that the participant had gained the trust of the wood's spirits, and they would be permitted to cut timber from its trees with which to make a staff.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Motif in ancient folk myth. For other uses, see Wild Hunt disambiguation. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. This is the widely spread legend of the furious host , the furious hunt , which is of high antiquity, and interweaves itself, now with gods, and now with heroes. Look where you will, it betrays its connexion with heathenism.

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In short, engagement with the Hunt is a bid to restore a reciprocity and harmony between humans and nature. Living Liminally. Retrieved 28 June The Encyclopaedia of the Celts. Archived from the original on English Fairy and Other Folk Tales. Wordsworth , alluding to another form of this, superstition, similar to the German story of the Wild Huntsman, thus writes "He oftentimes will start, For overhead are sweeping Gabriel's Hounds, Doomed, with their impious lord, the flying hart To chase for ever through aerial grounds.

The Book of Days: a miscellany of popular antiquities, Vol.

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