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After a while, Leo began to make white dolls for white families as presents for their daughters. Leo Moss also made boy dolls. Each of his dolls bore the name of the owner which was usually written somewhere at the back of the cloth or on the neck with his initials. There are different reasons that have been stated to cause this change in his dolls.

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According to one account , at a point in time, his wife run off with the white toy supplier from New York. This made Leo very sad hence the sadness and lasting tears in the eyes of his dolls. Another account explains that Leo expressed the feelings of the black community through his dolls and often made the crying dolls represent a baby whose tears could not be stopped.

Although several claims have come to conclude that Leo Moss is not a real person, there has been proof of his existence through the purchase of some of his dolls from his daughter and records that show his date of death in Macon, Georgia in Although no other details of his life is found, the legacy of Leo Moss has been preserved by museums and the auctioning of his very rare black dolls collection. It is believed that Leo did not make as many dolls as they were handmade and took a while to make. Jonie further explains that this service is another ball game altogether.

PDF Leo the Entrepreneurial Hippo

This service requires a connection with the SMS router, and is not something that developers can easily copy and roll out. This would mean they would need to work together with mobile telcos — which eBuddy has already been doing, giving it the first-mover advantage. Honestly, at the moment, I am communicating with most of my friends over WhatsApp, and my China friends over Weixin. I actually also fear if I do not have internet connection and if I were to send a normal SMS overseas to and fro, I might just end up with a crazy high bill.

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It might be a boon to telcos, but might not necessarily be good for individuals. Would you guys ditch your current messaging platforms for this?

I received an email this morning from a friend based in Melbourne, where he shared that someone from the States asked if people in Australia do use LinkedIn. Back on the topic. Kim shared that areas in marketplaces , enterprises, and mobile space are looking sunny bright in Australia.

DNA of an Entrepreneur

A few examples he quoted were:. Australian entrepreneurs understand the true meaning of being bootstrapped and know how to run their businesses cheap. Kim describes this phenomenon as a by-product of the absence of capital in the Australian startup scene. Australian VCs are generally risk adverse, so entrepreneurs value every single cent that is given to them. Australian entrepreneurs aim for the world market and possess a more global outlook. They are well-positioned for a true global understanding of markets. Kim also shared that the real market outreach in Australia is about four to five million users, which makes it difficult for startups to scale.

For that reason consumer web startups have trouble gaining popularity. It is essential for Australian entrepreneurs to think globally and integrate with other markets. But having said all that, it seems that there is not much of an entrepreneurship culture in Australia.


In fact, most students choose to seek comfortable high paying jobs instead of venturing out on their own upon graduation. It takes time to build an eco-system, and Kim actually sees the potential in Australia to produce the next big thing:. Companies that come out of smaller countries must have a global focus, and those are the type of businesses that Australia is producing. I thought this was applicable to our Singaporean entrepreneurs too, given our small market.

And something motivational for all entrepreneurs:. It is the difference between small business owners and growth-minded entrepreneurs — The latter thinks bigger. I enjoy meeting and interviewing entrepreneurs whose startups are fueled by their passion and the want to help the scene.

Love live music gigs? So do I. I bumped into Clarence, founder of Bandwagon. Bandwagon, founded in October , is a live music gig search engine which helps users look for places that play live music. Bandwagon has an instant search, where users are only required to load the site once, and the search happens instantaneously. You can filter gigs by genre, schedule, date or even location of the gig. One thing I like about their website is that it is optimized for mobile browsing, which caters to users on-the-go.

Championship: A Rising Tide Floats All Ships

Clarence, a fresh Singapore Management University graduate, tells us that he started Bandwagon because of three problems that he faced:. The site offers pretty basic features at the moment, but Clarence says that they will be developing their next version pretty soon. In a nutshell, the next version will offer more information and features that will make gig finding a whole lot more social, useful, and engaging.

Users would be able to indicate the gigs they are looking for, build their own personal gig calendar, collect badges, and make new friends who are into the same genre of music. Bandwagon will also have sub pages for events, venues, and artistes. In these sub pages, the relevant stakeholders can pay to list additional information.

For instance, a venue can list a promotion, or a band can list an album sale. They are currently developing their mobile application to build a more holistic user experience so people can search for live music gigs while on-the-go. Artists would be able to track the buzz around their gigs, the effectiveness of publicity and communication channels, as well as real-time analytics which will better help them gauge the demand of music lovers.


In Clarence words,. What makes Bandwagon special is that its built for music lovers by music lovers. We chose to do it really out of the love for music and wanting to contribute to the scene in the best way we could think of. His personal dream? To see more people attending live gigs and facilitate the entire local music scene through his platform, Bandwagon. The team consisting of developers, gig searchers and writers are currently based in Singapore and are looking to expand into other cities within Asia, becoming the single application that music lovers can turn to as the search destination for live music.

FIETT caught my attention because of the marketing methods they adopted given their shoestring budget. There are many specialized gloves that try to address this problem. Back then, according to Charmain, the idea of touchscreen gloves was completely unheard of in Stockholm. After participating in a European Business Challenge, along with co-founders Fitzkoon and Katik, Charmain decided to take this idea to a more serious level and make it into a real business.

The team was very keen on participating in ISPO, an international trade fair for sporting goods and sports fashion in Munich, a good place to build their contacts and push out their brand name. Charmain knew that this was one of the ideal chances and knew they had to participate. Hence they thought of alternative methods of participating, without having to pay for a booth.

Instead of being booth participants, they joined in the networking events and took advantage of the public spaces within the fair to make new contacts with purchasing managers and retailers. How was it done, you might ask?

Kicking it into HYPERDRIVE, a little parental advice and a surprise from BlackBerry

It gets pretty tricky because they needed to push things out but still operate in an appropriate manner. Charmain noticed that the fair had an area where people would give lectures and there were spaces to put up notices. They took advantage of the space to put up little posters to advertise their need for distribution managers. Theirs were shaped like gloves and were spread out in the press kit area.

She stresses that little details like these make a difference to whether people would look at your marketing stuff, especially when you have a limited amount.

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They would then observe how people react to the materials, and approach them if they are potential clients. It is interesting to note the methods adopted by the team, especially when the startup was entirely bootstrapped, making full use of resources available, and ensuring that every cost incurred has a meaningful return. In this case, Charmain and her team attended to the tiniest details on marketing, making sure that they achieved what they wanted to at the end of the fair. The team will also be presenting at the upcoming Demo Asia, and promises more fashionable designs for their customers soon.

This is a follow-up post to the one I wrote earlier on, which originally appeared here. As most of us are well aware, many foreign Internet giants tend to lose their foothold in the Chinese Internet industry. That is the sad reality, but why is it happening and why are the subsequent players not learning from the previous failures?