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Carta del Docente. Our Websites. Specific working programmes for spinal disorders. The Back School is presented as the most effective and lasting method for treating spinal pain. It is based on an educational, preventive and therapeutic approach to the patient, who is no longer seen as a passive subject who merely submits to what is prescribed, but rather as the key actor, who plays an active and conscious part in his or her own treatment.

Sample Pages. Technical details. Volume Customer Reviews: There are yet no reviews for this product. Please log in to write a review. Si occupa di sport paralimpici creando test di valutazione al fine di supportare gli atleti nel processo di miglioramento della prestazione.

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Master Trainer nello sviluppo dei software per la valutazione funzionale. Ha realizzato, insieme ad una azienda produttrice di strumenti per la valutazione del cammino, software di analisi della postura statica e dinamica attraverso immagini. Organizza corsi di formazione su tutto il territorio nazionale, selezionando e coordinando il personale docente. Ha esperienza in ambienti di lavoro multiculturali, conducendo i team al raggiungimento di un obiettivo. Allestisce e struttura aree specialistiche negli impianti sportivi. Picerno, D.

Iannetta, S. Materials and Methods A total of 69 adolescent athletes consulted our sports spine clinic to seek a second opinion for low back pain. Data on age, sex, type of sport played, the previous diagnosis made by general orthopedic surgeons, and the final diagnosis made by spine surgeons were collected retrospectively from medical records.

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The final diagnoses made by spine surgeons for those patients previously diagnosed as having NSLBP by general orthopedic surgeons were as follows: early-stage lumbar spondylolysis, discogenic low back pain, facet joint arthritis, lumbar disc herniation, and lumbar apophyseal ring fracture. Conclusions In adolescent athletes, the rate of NSLBP diagnosed by general orthopedic surgeons decreased markedly when the diagnosis was made by spine surgeons. A thorough medical interview, careful physical examination, appropriate diagnostic imaging, and selective nerve block examination can effectively identify the cause of low back pain.


Objectives: There has been a renewed interest in UCL repair in overhead athletes. This is largely due to greater understanding of UCL pathology, improvement in fixation technology and the extensive rehab required to return from UCL reconstruction.

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Initial data regarding UCL repair in overhead athletes was poor and therefore UCL repair was largely abandoned in favor of recon Abstract Background Scapular dyskinesis, or abnormal dynamic scapular control, is a condition that is commonly associated with shoulder pathology but is also present in asymptomatic individuals. Literature varies on whether it represents a cause or symptom of shoulder pathology, but it is believed to be a risk factor for further injury. Clinical identification focuses on visual observation and examination maneuvers.

Treatment of altered scapular motion has been shown to improve shoulder symptoms.

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It is thought to be more common in overhead athletes due to their reliance on unilateral upper extremity function but the incidence within nonoverhead athletes is unknown. Hypothesis: Overhead athletes will have a greater prevalence of scapular dyskinesis when compared with nonoverhead athletes. Study Design: Systematic review; Level of evidence, 3. All studies containing the search terms scapular, scapulothoracic, dyskinesis, dyskinesia, shoulder athlete, or overhead athlete were included.

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Studies that did not include prevalence data for scapular dyskinesis were excluded. Study methodological quality was evaluated using the modified Coleman methodology score.

Descriptive statistics and 2-proportion 2-tailed z-tests were used to compare the reported prevalence of scapular dyskinesis between overhead and nonoverhead athletes. Results: Twelve studies were analyzed including athletes overhead and nonoverhead; mean age, Clinical Relevance: Prevalence data for scapular dyskinesis are scarce within the literature. Information on the reported prevalence, laterality, and association with the dominant extremity will allow for better allocation of diagnostic and therapeutic interventions.

Recognition and treatment will help athletes to optimize functional performance and decrease the risk of further shoulder injury. Frutto del contributo di alcuni dei maggiori studiosi italiani in materia, il manuale, qui presentato in una nuova edizione riveduta, ampliata e aggiornata, con nuovi autori e contributi, descrive Fornisce inoltre elementi di neurologia, di neuropsicologia delle sindromi psichiatriche e di neuropsicologia forense.

Indice del volume Presentazione.

Introduzione alla neuropsicologia, di G. Gli esami strumentali nella neuropsicologia clinica, di G. Elementi di neurologia, di F. Berlingeri e M. Deficit acquisiti del linguaggio scritto: dislessie e disgrafie, di G. I disturbi della programmazione motoria: le aprassie, di R.

I disturbi di memoria, di C. I disturbi della rappresentazione del corpo, di A. I disturbi del riconoscimento: le agnosie, di P.

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Bartolomeo e R. I disturbi visuo-spaziali, di G. I disturbi esecutivi, di D. Grossi e L. Differenze emisferiche e sindrome da disconnessione callosale, di C. Le demenze, di C. Papagno e F. I disturbi emozionali associati a malattie neurologiche, di G. La neuropsicologia dei disturbi psichiatrici, di C. Semenza ed E. La riabilitazione neuropsicologica, di C.

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