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La cuenta, por favor , you nervously repeat again and again. Catalan is similar to castellano in its roots but is a completely different language. Here is some basic knowledge to help you feel confident, cool and maybe even like a local when visiting Barcelona and Catalonia. Also, in some smaller Catalan villages there are still people, especially the older generation who find it tricky to communicate in Spanish. Plus, we just love some of these handy Catalan phrases!

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In fact, it is yet another spin-off of vulgar latin like Spanish, French or Italian, and in its heyday was actually a very predominant language in the Mediterranean. Despite its prevalence in the Iberian peninsula, it actually shows more similarities grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation-wise to Italian and French than to Spanish and Portuguese.

Everything You Need to Know about Catalan

Regardless of the oppression Catalan has faced in the past, it still remains alive and well and is a source of national pride for native speakers. In the last few hundred years, Catalan has been banned on two different occasions. One of them as recent as 50 years ago during the Franco dictatorship, and it still faces hardship in an ongoing political battle between Madrid and Catalonia.

Furthermore, as a minority language that has struggled against repression, Catalan is revered as a beloved, well-protected tradition, and its people are beyond delighted to hear foreigners and visitors promoting the use of it. You thought your basic Spanish skills would be enough to get by, but now you have yet another language to learn?!

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When in doubt, a nice salutation beyond Hola! And guess what? Also, once you master a few of these Catalan phrases—adding them to the rest of your Spanish will gain you big points amongst the locals, we promise!

Paying and leaving

There is nothing worse than an impolite tourist. Of course, thank you and gracias are always Catalan phrases that are appreciated but dare yourself to say it in Catalan for the extra brownie points. Here is another expert pronunciation tip. Here are some things that might help you get by:. Finally, for the foodies out there.

And of course we have some Catalan phrases to learn to help you enjoy it in all its glory! Around 1 pm, before lunchtime and treated as a sort of aperitif, it is very common to have a cool glass of vermouth, neat, with olives, chips or some other salty snack.

Spanish example sentence: Quisiera la cuenta por favor. - Tatoeba

So much a ritual of daily life, they literally call it doing the vermouth. Try this one— On puc fer el vermut? Rough translation—where can I have have a vermouth? Watch the video below to find out how to enjoy it like a local.

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The main sources we used are professionally translated company, and academic, websites. In addition, we have included websites of international organizations such as the European Union. Because of the overwhelming data volume, it has not been possible to carry out a manual editorial check on all of these documents.

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