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Decisions in the environmental protection and waste management sectors are increasingly being taken in Brussels, at the European level, and no longer by national parliaments and governments. A unified economy calls for unified conditions of production. Environmental protection cannot stop at state frontiers. The European sanitary landfills recommendation, valid also for the countries of the Mediterranean, and the ambitious aims of the technical code on municipal waste are an indication of the range of the economic and political issues due to arise at least transiently.

The meeting should sharpen the problem awareness of persons involved with waste management and point out the dynamics of the process leading Europe into a unified waste management. Immer mehr Entscheidungen im Bereich des Umweltschutzes und der Abfallwirtschaft werden in Bruessel auf europaeischer Ebene und nicht mehr von den nationalen Parlamenten und Regierungen getroffen.

Ein einheitlicher Wirtschaftsstandort verlangt auch einheitliche Produktionsbedingungen. Umweltschutz kann an Laendergrenzen nicht Halt machen. Das Prinzip der Naehe bei der Abfallbeseitigung und die Forderung der europaweiten Ausschreibung und Vergabe von Leistungen beinhaltet nicht nur auf den ersten Anschein ein grosses Spannungsfeld. Europaeische Deponierichtlinie, gueltig auch fuer die Laender des Mittelmeerraumes, und die hochgesteckten Ziele der TA-Siedlungsabfall zeigen die Spannweite und die wirtschaftliche und politische Problematik auf, die zumindest uebergangsweise auftritt.

Die Tagung soll das. Die Therapie mit Mistelextrakten Viscum album L. Darstellung von Personen im Bild. In der ersten Projektphase wurden die teilnehmenden Kinder durch ExperteInnen unterwiesen. Therefore, the development of technical competencies iPad, editing, apps, didactical and design competencies Presentation of educational topics, design as well as legal competencies copyright, personal rights were central.

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In the first project phase the children were trained by experts in the field. In the second phase, the participants became experts within a peer—to—peer approach. The children introduced peers, but also adults, into the production of learning videos with tablet computers. In co—operation with the University of Technology Graz the accompanying research was developed. Therefore, diverse methods for data collection and analysis were used. Vigilancia de la resistencia a los antibacterianos en Argentina.

Cerca de la mitad de los aislados de Enterococcus spp.

In Argentina the program was developed through a network of 23 public and private hospitals that participate in national and international quality-control programs. Between January and December , the antimicrobial susceptibility of 16 consecutive clinical isolates was determined, using the recommended standards of the National Committee for Clinical Laboratory Standards of the United States of America.

Around half of the Enterococcus spp. In Argentina, ampicillin and SXT were not suitable for treating diarrhea. These rates are within the intermediate range reported for other countries of the Americas and for Europe. The wintertime deposition in the Helsinki city area during - : assessment using snow analyses; Laskeuma Helsingin seudulla lumesta maeaeritettynae talvikaudella Snow cover forms a natural base for the deposition of atmospheric impurities, which are stored practically constant in the snowpack during the winter season.

In this study the deposition of different constituents, including trace metals, was measured. The regional variations in the deposition of different constituents within an urban environment were evaluated. The impacts of local emission sources to the quality of snow were also estimated.

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The estimates of wintertime deposition are based one 4 month period 1. The vacations in spatial distributions of nitrate nitrogen and sulphate were comparatively small due to large proportional share of long-range transport. The local impacts of sulphate deposition were somewhat higher compared with nitrate deposition. According to correlation analysis the pH of the snowpack was principally higher near the roads than the average owing to the alkaline dust raised by motorvehicles.

Additionally the depositions of iron, calcium, aluminium, cobalt, molybdenum, zink, copper and chromium correlated with the vicinity of roads. Certain components of steel alloys, such as chromium and molybdenum are probably largely originated from rusted vehicle bodyworks and snowploughs. The most distinct impact of motorvehicles became apparently high cobalt concentrations. In addition of exhaust emissions cobaltic originated from hard alloy anti-skid studs used in snow tires.

The use of de-icing salt was the primary cause for 6-fold deposition rates of chloride and sodium in Helsinki study area compared with background levels.

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The depositions of most trace metals were also clearly higher in Helsinki study area compared with the background observation stations of southern Finland. However, gratifyingly the concentration of lead in urban snow was fairly low compared with the background level owing to the extensive use of unleaded gasoline. Multimodal diagnosis of multiple and heterogeneous liver lesions in a young patient; Multimodale Bildgebung multipler Leberlaesionen bei einem jungen Patienten.

Kiessling, F. Abteilung fuer onkologische Diagnostik und Therapie. The classification of liver lesions is often problematic in particular if they are multiple and show an heterogeneous shape. Here we report of a young patient with multiple liver lesions of up to 3 cm size. Using ultrasound, the lesions were hyper-, hypoechogen or mixed. In serial contrast enhanced CT scans some of the lesions showed the typical enhancement pattern of hemangiomas, however, the diagnosis could still not be faithfully determined for all lesions. Diagnosis was not assessed by biopsy because this would only clarify the diagnosis for one or few of the lesions.

The patient was subsequently followed up for 3 years and all lesions remained unchanged. This case clearly illustrates the difficulty to get a certain diagnosis of multiple liver lesions with heterogeneous appearance despite the multimodal diagnostic conduct. Auch mittels triphasischer kontrastmittelverstaerkter CT gelang nur bei einem Teil der Herde die Einstufung als Haemangiome anhand ihres Irisblendenphaenomens. Auf eine Biopsie wurde verzichtet, da diese nur bei einem oder wenigen Herden die Diagnose liefern wuerde, die anderen Herde aber unter Beruecksichtigung ihrer Heterogenitaet unklar geblieben waeren.

Eine Sicherung der Diagnose gelang fuer die meisten. Heiss, D. Medizinische Klinik Innenstadt.

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Purpose: The Department of Radiology at the University Hospital Innenstadt Munich provides all clinical departments of a large university hospital with several radiology units at different locations. During the last four years all units have been fully digitalized with a stepwise installation of a PACS. Methods: As image modalities, archive systems and review workstations, we use devices from multiple vendors, which are integrated into a consistent system using the DICOM standard. The hospital has developed its own RIS and an intranet information system, which provides access to all reports and images from radiology for all clinical departments inside the hospital.

Additionally, other clinical information such as laboratory results or ECG examinations are available through the system. Results: After one year of operation, the system succeeded in the clinical routine work as the primary source for radiological reports and images as well as for laboratory values.

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  • Conclusion: The advantages of digitalization were, besides reduction of film cost, especially optimizations of work flow with access to digital images from every where at any time. Dabei wurden auch nuklearmedizinische Bilddaten aus der Klinik und Poliklinik fuer Nuklearmedizin im System verarbeitet.

    Natural attenuation at a former gas plant site: isotope analyses; Nachweis von Natural Attenuation mittels Isotopenuntersuchungen an einem ehemaligen Kokereistandort. Natural attenuation of mono- BTEX and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons PAHs was studied in groundwater at a former gas plant site over a distance of about m.

    Groundwater flow times between source and the receiving surface waters were determined on the order of a few hundred years. Over the past 9 years, concentrations within the contaminant plume have decreased and degradation of benzene was proven by compound specific carbon isotope analyses.

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    In addition, sulphur isotope studies revealed that sulphate reduction has played a significant role. In agreement with these physico-chemical conditions, no transfer of BTEX or PAHs from the plume into the nearby river has been observed. Das Schadenszentrum befindet sich unter eingeebnetem Bergematerial in ca. Hauptkontaminanten sind Benzen bis ca.

    An der Fahnenspitze liegen seit 9 Jahren schrumpfende Konzentrationen vor, die in Einklang mit einem mittels Kohlenstoffisotopie.

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    Development and simulation of a hydrogen production plant on a solar power tower; Entwicklung und Simulation einer Wasserstofferzeugungsanlage auf einem Solarturm. The purpose of the present project was to develop and qualify a test plant for thermochemical hydrogen production on a solar power tower and to create and validate a systems and control model as well as an operating strategy for this purpose.

    Research of the fluid flow in a radially orientated coolant channel of a turbine blade; Untersuchung der Stroemung in einem radial gerichteten Kuehlkanal eines Turbinenlaufrades. Due to rotation Coriolis forces in a coolant channel a secondary flow is superimposed to the basic flow. This leads to a change in the local heat transfer over the surface of the coolant channel as well as a change in the overall value of the heat transfer. Also the pressure loss over the channel length will change by rotation. By means of computational fluid dynamics Finite Element Method it was achieved to figure out the interaction between changing fluid flow and heat transfer.

    To validate the results obtained by a numerical flow simulation, a new measurement technique was developed. A laser-two-focus velocimeter has been combined with a rotation prism which allows continued measurements in a rotating scaled up channel. Durch diese Einfluesse aendert sich sowohl der lokale Waermeuebergang ueber der Kanaloberflaeche als auch die globalen Waermeuebertragungsraten ueber dem gesamten Kanal. Ebenfalls aendert sich durch die Rotation der Druckverlust ueber der Kanallaenge.

    Durch eine numerische Stroemungssimulation Finite-Element-Methode war es moeglich, einen detaillierten Zusammenhang zwischen dem veraenderten Stroemungsverhalten und dem Waermeuebertragungsverhalten darzustellen. Um die numerisch gewonnenen Ergebnisse experimentell abzusichern, wurde eine neuartige Messtechnik entwickelt. Ein LaserFokus-Velozimeter wurde mit einem Bilddrehprisma kombiniert, und dies erlaubte eine kontinuierliche Messung in einem rotierenden vergroesserten Modellkanal.

    Status of national programmes on fast reactors Working material. Given continuing population growth and the needs of the third world and developing countries to improve their economic performance and standard of living, energy demand is expected to continue to grow through the 21st century. The proportion of energy supplied as electricity is also expected to continue to increase.

    Although fossil-fuelled electricity generation is the option preferred by several countries for the short term, there are rising concerns over climatic consequences caused by extended burning of fossil fuels as a result of the demands of a fast expanding world population.