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System Requirements

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Firebird – SuperServer, ClassicServer or SuperClassic?

And you get the benefit of a lightweight, small-footprint database. But for big operations, where you want the database to use every cycle of server CPU, SuperServer can be frustrating. Starting from Firebird 2.

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One for each database. In ClassicServer each client has its own page cache and is connected to a dedicated process.

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This dedicated cache is much less efficient. Using the example above, when client B issued the statement, it would not get the benefit of an already filled cache.

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Instead, Firebird would have to access the disk again to answer the request. Besides, cache synchronizations is done on disk. One great benefit of this model is the resilience offered by the multiple processes. If one of them has problems only the client attached to it will be disconnected.

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Everything else keeps running. The other great benefit is scalability. I believe this is responsible for most Classic deployments out there.

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Just add hardware and bingo, your database server is faster. But this scalability does not come free. Imagine you have simultaneous clients. One for each client and another to listen to new connections. Your operating system must manage all this processes and keep them in sync. They consume a lot of kernel resources which means Classic can be relatively slow. Check this example: Firebird 2.

cars.cleantechnica.com/cuentos-de-mi-alma-volumen.php The Firebird development team decided to build Firebird 3. Firebird 3. SuperClassic is the first step in that direction. What they did was put all those processes inside threads.