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They saw the fun, the pleasure, the acceptance, but they did not see the other consequences. First, talk to your parents. Does that sound like a revolutionary idea? We fathers know we are far from perfect, but we love you, and along with your mothers, have a deep interest in your choosing the right.

Next, follow the prophet. These 15 men we sustain as prophets, seers, and revelators are given divine power to see what we sometimes do not see.

President Hinckley has given us clear and specific counsel about the evil behind the smiling eyes. Very importantly, let the Holy Ghost be your guide. The Lord has promised us that as we live righteously, the still, small voice will come into our mind and into our heart. You know this voice. The gift of the Holy Ghost is a spiritual gift. It is sensitive and will not be associated with unworthiness. You cannot offend or ignore it one day and expect it to strengthen you the next day.

But as you heed its promptings and remain righteous, it will grow stronger within you.

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The Holy Ghost warned my friend of physical danger; the Holy Ghost will also warn you of spiritual danger. Finally, gain your own testimony of the Savior. Pray passionately. Read the Book of Mormon when no one is watching. Take time alone to think about who Jesus really is and how His life and sacrifice are important to you. Remember the example of the young Joseph Smith. In this series of 52 columns, that time, that pivot point has now come. God forbid that we should stay in the negative for the rest of this series, but I now feel called to share with you some of the weight I carry.

Ephesians 4:29

You can be the judge of whether that which I carry is my own, or also from God. The world today is handing out PhDs right and left on negativity. Public figures seem to compete for the title of how vicious they can be to each other. Compared to such people, most of us are simply floating on the ocean of communication and thought while public figures cast giant boulders at each other from afar, that come slamming down into the water nearby to their opponents, while the rest of us are rocked by the waves their verbal bombardments.

With that image in mind, I would like to tell you about my early days with Gidon Ariel.

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We were discussing the possibilities for what Root Source might become, and what problems Root Source might solve. Did I ask Gidon a question about somebody he knew? Did I begin to tell Gidon a story about somebody I knew? He said it is fine to speak positively about a person, but especially when a person is out of the room, one must not speak in a derogatory way about them.

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As the cloud withdrew from the Tent, there was Miriam stricken with snow-white scales! When Aharon turned toward Miriam, he saw that she was stricken with scales. Miriam was one of the most important persons in the ranks of Israel. Without her, Moses would never have become the daughter of the princess of Egypt. Miriam was a prophetess herself. She was a leader of the people. She is legendary for singing a song to the people after the crossing of the Red Sea:. And yet a person of her stature was massively humbled in the sight of God and all the people because of what she said about her youngest brother.

As Gidon began to tell me about these things, I began to have two significant thoughts. First, what he described was way, way different from what I saw happening in the church.

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  • The good kind of fear. If Jewish schoolchildren are taught that the sin of evil speech can result in disease of the skin, that can be a very strong deterrent.

    Now, those who disagree often view each other as not just wrong, but stupid, insane or even evil. And what's the point of trying to talk with, or listen to, someone you believe to be evil? Listen Listening The Beyond Civility project allows people to explore the barriers and bridges to effective dialogue.

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