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It's real-time strategy as puzzle solving, with memorable characters and none of that silly resource-management. Desperados itself worked this out and delivered a game that wasn't quite as muscular or satisfying as Commandos, but was nevertheless a well-placed blow to the back of the imagination.

As before, Desperados 2 sees you able to command a half-dozen heroes, including the grizzled doc, the square-jawed gunfighter, the beefy Mexican, the wily Apache and the delectable young lady. As in Desperados each of these well-meaning miscreants can be applied in their own way, but they can all shoot, brawl and generally sneak about in the shadows. It's a comfortable formula. Excitingly, there's more to this sequel than a simple rehash, since it arrives with all the goodness of Vitamin 3D, and an engine that takes you into the action like a person with disembodied eyes.

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That's right, perspective fans, there's more than the eye-in-the-sky here - we're down in the streets of Puzzleville, and in direct third-person control as a result. It's not the transition to FPS that Commandos: Strike Force opted for, this is plain old 3D with the possibility of a close-up inspection of the action, along with the ability to whirl your angles of view at will and to shoot and move on the ground.

This new over-the-shoulder perspective also reveals some lamentable problems with Desperados 2, such as the fact that it prompts but does not teach.

See a Problem?

Who knew you could move and shoot in over the shoulder view? You have to figure that one out for yourself. In fact there's a whole load of guesswork involved in getting your characters to do what the must - mostly because you only have a limited idea of what it is they can do in the first place. Each time you use a new skill you're reloading half a dozen times to get the hang of it. Exploratory attrition; thanks to no tutorial and a lack of intuition. How does Kate's seduction work? And sneaking?

Desperados 2: Cooper's Revenge

And shooting? It's all down to you to figure it out without help, and the resultant process is temper-stokingly fiddly. Why are games still fiddly in ? In terms of problems-per-minute Cooper's Revenge isn't quite as skilfully conceived as the original. There's absolutely no reason why the opening hours of any game should be laborious or littered with shelf-level events. I was busy sneaking, gassing and seducing my way through one of the early levels when I realised that I might as well just kill everyone with my gun and get it over with.

On the flipside, things get marginally easier when you switch to the new third-person mode, which lets you take direct control of a team member and aim their weapons like in an action game. You'll still die quite a bit in the trial-and-error gameplay, though, and you'll rely on luck as much as skill when battling multiple opponents. You'll also get to see the AI's lame performance up close, as enemies will do the dumbest things such as stand in the open, run up to a fallen comrade and stare down in wonder at what killed him, or slowly run toward you rather than shoot you from long range.

However, it's clear that this isn't a pure action game mode. The controls feel clumsy while in third-person mode, and you often can't do simple tasks such as holding your gun in one hand while opening a door with the other, which leaves you open to getting pumped full of lead by the guy inside before you can draw your gun. Reload, try again. Gameplay issues aside, the game does at least have a good look to it. It's too bad that the gameplay doesn't measure up to the visual presentation of the game. The fully 3D visuals are a big step up from the previous game's look.

You'll see beautiful old Spanish forts, dusty towns, and more. In terms of sound, Desperados 2 is filled with some well-done western themes that seem completely appropriate to the setting. On the downside is the corny, almost nasal voice acting, as well as some poor dialogue that plays over grainy in-game photographs during the cutscenes. There's no multiplayer in Desperados 2, but that's not unusual for the genre, since these types of games are based on players battling the environment rather than other players.

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That leaves you with the single-player game with all of its issues. So, unless you're a dedicated and very patient fan of this style of game, you should probably steer clear. Get the latest news and videos for this game daily, no spam, no fuss.

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