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The brute strength of dragonplate bolstered by the refined skills of the ebonsmith. With permission from the original author AmethystDeceiver. Proof of permission is in description. An Elven Armor that thieves, scouts and assassins can actually wear proudly. Lore friendly.

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Female only. Because there were totally not enough recolours out there already. Three colours. Standalone, craftable, with upgrade system to keep them balanced and relevant throughout leveling.

Light and cloth versions. A lore friendly Armor pack containing 5 main sets with 29 armor pieces and 6 weapon pieces. All races and sexes supported.

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Refine with tags separate with spaces. Filter by:. File size. Apply Filters Clear Filters Shareable link. Immersive Armors Armour. Uploader: hothtrooper Author: hothtrooper Improved closefaced helmets Armour. Uploader: navida1. Notes: Knocks units back at a speed of Knockback distance is always , no matter how far the unit is from the center. Units are not disabled during the knockback.

They can still turn, attack, cast spells and use items. Channeling spells are not interrupted. Can knock units over impassable terrain. Destroys trees within radius of affected units upon landing. Ability Target Unit.

Restores mana to the target unit and reduces cooldowns of all abilities currently on cooldowns by a fixed amount. Can be cast on spell immune allies. Cannot be cast on spell immune enemies. Mana Leak: Dispellable with any dispel. In the same vein, Ezalor bestows his harmony among others. Notes: Only reduces cooldowns of every non-ultimate ability, including passive abilities. Checks the enemy target's current position once upon cast and then in 0.

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On each check, it compares the target's current position with its position on the last check and reduces its mana based on the distance between the positions. Does not reduce mana when the distance between two positions is greater than So a unit needs to move at more than speed, or blink a distance greater than to not lose mana. Does not reduce mana on invulnerable units.

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The sound effect upon losing mana is only audible to the target. Summons Ignis Fatuus at the targeted area. Alternates on and off every second.

Heavy + Light Armor and Block Level 1-100 Guide Skyrim Fastest way to level!

When active, it causes all enemies near it to stare hypnotized at it. Can be attacked by units outside of the radius, dies after a certain number of attacks. Wisp Duration : 9. Will O Wisp: Dispellable with any dispel. Notes: The wisp starts flickering 1 second after cast, and then every 3. While flickering, hypnotizes all enemies within the area, setting their movement speed to 35, forcing them to move towards the wisp, and preventing them from acting. Only attacks from heroes including clones , excluding illusions can damage the wisp.

Destroys trees within the radius upon cast.

Destiny's most enigmatic entity finally comes to the forefront.

When casting Will-O-Wisp a second time while a previous cast is still active, the second wisp pulses synchronised with the first one. This is not limited to a second wisps. All wisps placed while previous ones exist pulse simultaniously. This also includes wisps placed by allies, but does not include enemy wisps. The magic resistance talent stacks multiplicatively with other sources of magic resistance. Navigation menu Namespaces Page Discussion. Views View Edit History. This page was last edited on 30 June , at Dota 2 content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of Valve or its licensors.

All rights reserved. Five Songs of King Wulfharth. Flight from the Thalmor. Hadrik Oaken-Heart. Forge, Hammer and Anvil. Adolphus Eritius. The Four Totems of Volskygge. Fragment: On Artaeum. Taurce il-Anselma. Frontier, Conquest. University of Gwylim Press , 3E Details the presence of humans in Tamriel prior to the original Nordic conquests thought to bring humans to Tamriel. Galerion The Mystic.