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Whatever happened to the series synopsis that frequently fronts these types of novels? Whatever happened to epilogues? Bottom Line: While I liked what text was there, it is a cheap and sleazy thing to do to readers, insuring that they buy the next book in the series because the book stops in the middle of a crisis. Now I have to decide if this disgusts me enough to give up the series, or keep going despite the sleazy tactics.

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I'll decide later. Just know, if you keep going, you are guaranteed more of the same sarcasm, space battles and marital discord, but no ending in sight, at the height of the final crisis. Feb 17, Viktor von Mertens Sr rated it it was amazing. Great reading. Great entertainment The storyline had it's minor up and downs, but for the vast majority of the tale I was solidly entertained.

Looking forward to the next "Admiral in Pain" chapters. May 07, Suprio rated it liked it Shelves: space-opera.


Sep 26, Peter rated it it was ok. Okcrow rated it it was ok Sep 06, Jeremy Bunch rated it really liked it Mar 25, Bryce Mcpherson rated it it was amazing Jun 18, Chris rated it it was amazing Sep 10, Dylan Degiorgi rated it it was amazing Nov 26, Harold rated it liked it Apr 28, Mark Blundell rated it really liked it Sep 17, Native rated it really liked it Mar 23, Mark rated it it was amazing Sep 15, Evin rated it liked it Apr 10, James rated it it was amazing May 26, Saran rated it really liked it Aug 20, Ryan Hirasuna rated it really liked it Nov 10, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

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Science Fiction. About Luke Sky Wachter. Luke Sky Wachter. Hey there guys. This is your friendly neighborhood Author, stopping by for a quick biography. As you probably guessed my name isn't Luke Sky Wachter. It is true that I'm publishing under my Son's name. As you can probably guess from that little factoid, I'm a huge Sci-fi buff, having named my son after such an iconic figure and all that.

For more information on the status of my current Hey there guys. For more information on the status of my current projects and general updates you can find me on: My blog: www.

I've also put up a picture of myself and the real Luke Sky as well as the rest of the fam. Hope you all like the new pictures I tried to add! For anyone who says the name is cheesy, what can I say? It probably is and I published under it anyway, out of love for my boy. For anyone who says the name is completely unrealistic, alas I have the birth certificate to put the lie in such assertions. Sorry guys but there is at least one father out there crazy enough to actually go saddle his kid with such a name and as a result there really is a living breathing Luke Sky Wachter!

He's just not me. Other books in the series. Spineward Sectors 1 - 10 of 16 books. Books by Luke Sky Wachter. General, formerly general armii general of the army pronounced is the generic Polish language term for the rank of General. In narrow sense it is used to denote the rank of a Four-star general introduced on August 15, The vertical posts extending up from the goal post, between which a field goal must pass to score. Pokemon has as of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl distinctive fictional species classified as the titular Pokemon.

A refrigerated compartment, cabinet, or room for preserving food at very low temperatures. A refrigerator is a cooling apparatus.

Admiral's Gambit

The little admiral's enemies were outstanding bad guys. Spaulding proved the Calvary saving the day again. I wish that I could read the next book now. Super book and I could not put it down.

Good battle scenes. No good deed goes unpunished for the little admiral. Jul 03, Cor Markhart rated it it was ok.

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It never had the greatest worldbuilding or most amazing plots but compensated for its weaknesses with humour and an entertaining cast. In short it was the B-movie version of a sci-fi book. However in my opinion the series is slowly but surely losing its charm. Characters that were once interesting and entertaining either suffering from the fact that far too little character development is happening with some characters even seemingly regressing or worse that characters become increasingly one-dimensional and boring.


Despite all that I would still have given the book three stars and viewed it as an okay successor to a long running series. The reason I don't is due to the fact that author seems not incapable of not including his own political opinions, which mostly seem your typical populist, slightly alt-right stuff, in the book but also utterly fails at properly integrating them into the narrative, resulting in parts of the story assembling rants on Fox news more than anything else. Some of that was of course always present in the narrative, the whole royals vs. Stuff like the jokes about "safe spaces" or "universal healthcare" are really doing the book no favour.

It isn't yet of the level of somebody like Kratman but it sometimes certainly feels like reading a dumber version of a later Honor Harrington book. I mean I have nothing against the inclusion of political themes in a book indeed I think that sci-fi and fantasy has a long and proud history of doing so but not like this. I had hoped that the fantasy series, which was plagued by exactly the same problems, would have taught the author the need of handling this with a bit more flair and skill but it sadly seems I was mistaken.

Not as gpod Let me start by saying I still really enjoy the series. This reason I have it two stars is all the worthless extras added in to make the book longer. Giving us 2 pages here of an unimport scout captains report here and another one there..

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This author isn't one of them. Jun 04, Levi Jennings rated it it was amazing. Jul 17, Johnny rated it liked it. Book twelve Mistakes: To many to keep track of. Do you bother to edit? Plot: Politics and battles.

Admiral's Gambit

The politics are over the top and silly in the middle of battle. Characters: Well there are a lot of them. M V rated it it was amazing Aug 09, Neil L Moffatt rated it liked it May 01, Com rated it it was amazing Aug 05, Bob rated it it was amazing Jan 28, Aaron Noetzel rated it it was amazing Aug 06, David Bevins rated it liked it Aug 27, AR rated it really liked it May 12, Raymond Jay rated it it was amazing Nov 08, Daniel Francis rated it it was amazing Dec 09, Igors rated it liked it Aug 25, Nicholi Gold rated it it was amazing May 05, Shane Warren rated it really liked it May 11, Richard Butler rated it it was amazing May 06, Archigoel rated it it was amazing May 16,